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Two points:

1) If you plan to allocate up to 1800 Mb to testing, you should install more than 2 Gb of RAM, otherwise the system will get real sluggish, if not at all unusable, during the Stage 2 of the tests. As you are using a 64-bit OS you can go to 4Gb without any waste of RAM.

2) The parameters referred by garo are to be placed in prime.txt, not local.txt
Thanks for the reply lycorn.

This system would be dedicated to running mprime so I think the linux kernel can suffice with 200MB. Also I tried placing the parameters in prime.txt and they did not work. Both workers ran a stage 2 test.


When I placed them in local.txt however (and of course removed it from prime.txt) one worker ran a stage 2 and the other worker moved on to another exponent to start a stage 1.
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