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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Actually what I did was to extract the files from the downloaded .ZIP into a separate folder in C /program files/Prime95.After extraction I did not see any .log or results.txt files . It has everything else. I did not mess around with any configuration.

Should I reinstall ? How to uninstall since the program does not show up in Revo Uninstaller Tks
When you run the .exe that you extracted, Prime95 will create the .log and results.txt files. What folder have you been running Prime95 from? The .log and results.txt files will be in that folder.
It's perfectly normal that no log or results files are there immediately after extraction, since they're only created when Prime95 has something to log (when it runs).

Prime95 won't show up in an uninstaller because it was simply extracted to a folder, it wasn't installed in a way that would tell an uninstaller how to uninstall it. You don't need to reinstall Prime95, you just need to get it working right where it is.
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