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The log file is located in the same directory as the program (unless you manually modify one of the configuration files by adding an option.)

The program cannot open or create the log file. This might happen if you run it from a read only media (CD or DVD or if you do not have enough rights.) Because of the security settings of Windows Vista and Seven it is best to install the program prime95 in a sub-folder of your documents folder. If you are using Unix or Linux you must ensure that the program has write rights in the folder where it is installed.

Actually what I did was to extract the files from the downloaded .ZIP into a separate folder in C /program files/Prime95.After extraction I did not see any .log or results.txt files . It has everything else. I did not mess around with any configuration.

Should I reinstall ? How to uninstall since the program does not show up in Revo Uninstaller Tks
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