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Default Re: Re: Error writing intermediate file: rX250423

Right, cheesehead, except I think you've got your p and q the wrong way around: the p file is the more recent intermediate file, the q file is the older of the pair. An amended version of your text is below, with changes emboldened.

When it's time for Prime95 to write the next save file, it doesn't delete either of the existing save files until it has successfully written the new one. So it first writes the new save file with an "r" prefix on its name. Once that is successfully written, Prime95 deletes the existing "q" save file, then renames the "p" save file to be the new "q" save file, then renames the "r" save file to be the new "p" save file. (So, normally. the "r" file exists with that name prefix for only a few seconds until it is renamed to "p".)

In your case, the preceding two save files had been successfully written, but (probably) there wasn't enough room for a third save file. In that case, Prime95 leaves the existing save files alone, restarts its timer for the next save file write interval, then continues calculations. The "p" and "q" save files will remain as the rwo most recently written save files until Prime95 is able to write a newer one, after which it will then, as above, erase the "q", rename the "p" to "q", and rename the "r" it has just then successfully written to "p".
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