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Hello CR ! What an honour to have a reply from you !!

So, since it's a "random algorithm" but works in a deterministic way (Birthday Paradox is helpful), what would be then the difference between using the classical Rho polynomial X^2+C instead of pure random numbers ?

Just only because with pure random numbers between 1 and N will never fall in a cycle and since cycle detection leads to factorization this would be pointless ? So basically we need a "thing" (polynomial) that will inevitably fall in a cycle, sooner or later ?

I make these confused and basic questions because in internet I have see many implementation of that C alghorithm that try to avoid the cycle, like getting a cycle is a bad thing...

Another question : since C is a number that you can choose "freely", if for a choosen C you fall into a cycle and you do not obtain the factors, all you have is to change the C ?
Or EVERY cycle you will fall in is always useful for getting the factor ?

Thanks CR
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