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Default New Record!

Playing around with Axn1's software has allowed Great Britain to regain the World record for largest octoproth. Hurrah for that, hip, hip, hooray.

374526655755*2^113+1 is 3-PRP! (0.0001s+0.0002s)
374526655755*2^113-1 is 3-PRP! (0.0001s+0.0045s)
- Twin -
374526655755*2^(113+1)+1 is 3-PRP! (0.0001s+0.0079s)
374526655755*2^(113+1)-1 is 3-PRP! (0.0001s+0.0045s)
- BiTwin -
2^113+374526655755 is 3-PRP! (0.0030s+0.0002s)
2^113-374526655755 is 3-PRP! (0.0001s+0.0067s)
2^(113+1)+374526655755 is 3-PRP! (0.0001s+0.0042s)
2^(113+1)-374526655755 is 3-PRP! (0.0001s+0.0042s)
- Complete Set -


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