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Originally Posted by cubaq View Post
How do You measure that kind of percentage (i.e. i have e 1.952e-012 for C156 - is it good enough?).
As far CADO I've just start to learn "How To …" so it'l take some weeks: do I really may ask for proper poly for C156,C157 on forum?
The record for a C156 is 2.893e-12; for C157 it's 2.776e-12. That means 2.5 to 2.6e-12 should be reachable with a day or two of GPU-msieve.

The poly you've found would take roughly 25% longer to sieve than one with the score I've estimated (the ratio of the scores is roughly the inverse ratio of sieving times). It's worth spending a few days on poly select to save ~1.5 core-weeks of sieving!
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