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A couple of months ago the NPLB DR (disaster recovery) server started "throwing its toys out of the cradle".

During the DR server outages backups were still being captured at the DR location but not restored successfully to the DR server.

The NPLB DR server now sits inside a comfortable "Redback" 12U cabinet with master cooling and a new PSU has has been installed.
(personal opinion - I think the server room is now several degrees cooler than it used to be - old PSUs should be herded out to the back paddock and dealt with appropriately )

No further problems have occurred over the last 2 months. The DR recovery process has been re-tested several times successfully and the NPLB DR server is now updated to the last restore as at "Last update: 2017-05-22 02:07:14" including all databases, log files and candidates.
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