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There was a massive fire yesterday in a new apt. complex that was under construction less than a half mile from me while I was out of town. They shut off the electricity in the surrounding neighborhoods. Several houses in the neighborhood north of me burned and the wind was blowing strongly out of the north towards the south and my neighborhood. The houses that burned were only about a quarter mile to my north. Fortunately I was already scheduled to come back today and my house was not affected. Electricity was restored late yesterday and I got home an hour ago and just now got the servers running again.

Google "Overland Park KS fire" if you want to read about it. Below is one link. It was an 8-alarm fire and was the biggest in Overland Park history. (Overland Park is a suburb of Kansas City, pop. 100,000-150,000.) Even fire fighters from Kansas City over 10 miles away responded. I don't think they've determined what started it yet but several people said they heard a big boom so maybe an explosion. I feel very fortunate.

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