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Originally posted by Uncwilly
There are things that can be shown to be right or wrong, yet numbers are/have been used to show the validity of the arguement.

For an easy example:
The earth is not in the center of the universe (physically speaking). Yet, this was vigorously defended by mass of people.
The earth is not flat (and proven so) yet "everyone" knew it was flat.

Anyone who digs much can find out that Dec 25th is not even the right season for the birth of Jesus.
That's all accepted scientific fact now. It wasn't accepted hundreds of years ago because they didn't have the technology to determine that it was true. So when someone said something opposite to common ideas, people didn't believe them not only because of that, but because they had evidence that said THEY were right.

As far as the Jesus thing, the truth in the matter (which you'll find in Dan Brown's excellent books) is that December 25th was a long time ago, a pagan holiday. So to help the conversion of people, December 25th was set as the holiday so they would still celebrate on the same day, just for a different reason.
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