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Originally Posted by Kosmaj
What do you mean by "resieving" ? Sieving again against the same possible factors? Why?? I'm not aware that any publicly availabe siever (NewPGen, ksieve) is missing composites. If you found otherwise please provide examples.

I don't know how deep have you sieved those 101,000 candidates but even if you sieved only to 1 bn you will soon realize that a reduction to 50,000 is impossible...

Another possibility is to stop tests early. Indeed, there is nothing special about this k. No need to marry the first love
With resieve I mean: I have put 2 ranges together, to be absolute sure.
I almost restart the sieve from scratch.

Other point, per day I am eliminating approx 1900 factors.
I'll keep this up until the find a factor rate will drop
I am currently dividing the workload between 2 machines.

The last point: I know that there are other K's to be searched but I really want to find some big primes.

Ps. down to 98000+ tests.
3000 factors eliminated.

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