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[QUOTE=LaurV;366497][QUOTE=cheesehead;366488]After [B]20 Nd4 O-O 21 Nf6+ Bxf6[/B] there is an alternative to 22 exf6:
[B]22 Rxf6[/B].[/QUOTE]
That would be wrong, we lose the sente.[/QUOTE]No, we don't. I just need to explain the motive, which I didn't take time for earlier. See below for details.

[quote]We have to find a move to force out of them a reply. The point is they don't "have to" move the horse if we beat there with the rook.[/quote]Yes, they do, or else our rook will simply waltz back to f2 to bolster our Q-side defense.

[quote]They may find another move that complicates the things. Move the h pawn to h5, or defend it with the king (Kg7, Kh7).[/quote]Black is welcome to do any of those instead of Nf5, because they have no forcing value.

[quote]He is also free to pursuit the queen's flank, the b/c columns, etc,[/quote]He's free to do that anyway; we can't prevent it with any single move. Besides, 23 Rf2 would contribute to our Q-side defense if Black hasn't played 22 ... Nf5.

I've looked at Black's chances on the b/c columns, and haven't yet found anything we can't meet adequately.

[quote]Rf8c8 is a version I didn't like too much[/quote]Why? You think Black's going to be able to push his blocked c-pawn anytime soon? No, it's going to just sit there, limiting his bishop's scope, because we have adequate control of c3.

A rook exchange on b3 might free the c4-pawn, but we have plenty of strength to stop it from promotion.

[quote]but now this can get bad for us, if they sacrifice the pawn.[/quote]Sacrifice which pawn?

[quote]Like in 22.Rxf6, Rf8c8 23.Bxh6[/quote]No, 22 Rxf6 Rfc8 [B]23 Rf2[/B]. The h6-pawn is not more important than our rook. If they waste a tempo before shutting the knight-door, we just move our rook back.

[quote]they succeed to infiltrate the horses there, and one of our rook is locked, we completely lost the sente.[/quote]No, we haven't; our position has lots of strength.

[quote]After spending few hours this afternoon with the position, I am still thinking/agreeing that the best move is Ne4, the best path to reply for black will be with the castling, then the game goes like: 20. Ne4 O-O 21.Nf6+ Bxf6 22. exf6 Nd5 23.Bxh6 and that is our pawn.[/quote]But this line (move 22 and later, not 20 Ne4) gives up our control of the d6 square. Let's not over-value short-term material gain.

Maintaining control of d6 and f6, and blocking the e6-pawn are big reasons for capturing with the rook instead of the pawn on move 22. Black's light-square bishop is seriously hemmed-in by his own pawns on c4, e6 and f7, and we have our g2 bishop to counter adventurism on the long diagonal. I do concede that a pawn on f6 blocks Black's f-pawn better than one on e6, and that control of e7/g7 may be better than control of d6/f6. OTOH, if the f-file remains half-open from our side, that's a lingering worry for Black.

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