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Originally posted by jocelynl
Slashdude will you make it available on ?

If you can't download it from - Private message me, and I'll send you a link to the ksiece2bin.tgz file on (Unless Phil doesn't want us to make his software available without using his web site - Phil, if you want me to remove the ksieve file, let me know and I will remove the easy to guess link. :)

Originally posted by Kosmaj

As for ksieve, it can work with a single k, but I heard it's more efficient when sieving several k's at the same time. I also wonder is it possible to switch from NewPgen to ksieve when sieving is in progress (say, sieved to 100bn).
I'm sure I can merge the file I already have from NwePGen with the results from Ksieve! I have sieved 2995125705 through p=310 billion. I am working on testing ksieve, and so far, everything looks good!

With the larger k's, ksieve is by far faster then NewPGen! I haven’t tested it with multiple k's, but the single k ksieve for large k's (k>2^31) is by far faster - A P4 2.6GHz machine sieving k=2305225065 completed 40 billion p's in about 8 hours!

If I have time, I'll look at the timing for multiple k's. Right now, using single k ksieve is a huge speed increase!! I should have the group sieve for 2995125705 setup soon!

Thanks again everyone for your help!!!
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