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So, I have a GTX 460 that is currently running mfaktc 0.18 (2 instances), which is being fed by a 3.2Ghz single-core Pent D 940 w/ 2G DDR2 RAM.
My first question is: for GPU72 exponents (currently 56M 71-72 bits), will there be a noticeable difference between 420 and 4620 classes?
My second question is: for GPU72 exponents (and similarly larger exponents), would P-1 be feasible to implement on a GPU, even if only on a partial scale. I guess I'll break this down into two parts: for B1/B2 at the normal bounds (or a new multiplier based on GPU performance), or for B1=B2 (ie no stage 2).
My third question (sorry, they just keep coming :P ) is whether, if (2) is feasible, is anyone currently trying/successfully implementing this?
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