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Originally Posted by rogue
I assume you are using PRP, LLR or PFGW. It should be fairly easy. This is what I do (assuming fixed k as opposed to fixed n). Here is an example from which you can extrapolate:

low k = 50000
high k = 200000

Calculate midk where midk = 200000 - (200000 - 50000)/4. I choose midk like this because it will take 16 times longer to PRP test k=200000 than k=50000. midk is about 3/4 of the range about lowk.

Run PRP/LLR/PFGW on midk*base^n+/-1 doing about 10% of the PRP test.

Multiply the time it took to do 10% by 10.

Use that time to be the breakpoint to change over from sieving to PRP testing.

I'm certain that others have different methods.

Use that time
I'm still trying to figure out these instructions(I'm sure they make sense, it's just that I haven't done anything but simple math for awhile).

Thanks, though.
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