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Default Still happening....

The one consistency(?) I have found is that whenever Prime95 restarts it loses work.

I just did a test:
1. Tuesday I added in the 100 or so assignments previously lost using worktodo.add. I verified that all 180 were still there a day later.
2. I stopped and restarted Prime95
3. I rechecked worktodo.txt and about the last 70 assignments disappeared leaving 110.

These are the only lines in Prime.log after the restart:
[Thu Dec 13 12:36:47 2018 - ver 28.10]
Updating computer information on the server
I am running 28.10B1

I have this in Prime.txt but all assignments are Manual.
I've seen the same behavior in other computers running versions 29.4.
It is only Worker #1 that loses assignments.

Is it possible that some other code path determines there is too much work before MaxExponents and UnsererveDays are considered?
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