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Originally Posted by ixfd64 View Post
I manually created a bunch of Pminus1 assignments (redoing P-1 on exponents with only stage 1 done) and added them to my worktodo.txt file. However, Prime95 sometimes drops assignments from worktodo.txt without actually completing them. This only seems to happen when I have lots of assignments, and only with worker #1.

Is this intentional? If so, is there a way to disable this "feature"?
I've noticed this too recently...and I can't even find messages in prime.log or in results.txt that indicate any were dropped or why. Maybe this is because they are Manual Assignments; George?

There are 2 parms in prime.txt that I use when I have lots of Assigned work.

I think UnreserveDays might be relevant even with Manual assignments.

I have noticed on rare occasion that Prime95 will get "confused" about the speed of my PC and will think my work exceeds this parm and will unreserve some.

I say "confused" because I can change absolutely nothing and re-add the work and they will be kept the next time.
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