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Originally Posted by The Carnivore View Post
The guessing strategy might not work. Without any way to coordinate the guesses, the people in North America may be guessing the same exact, wrong, exponents as the people in Europe and Asia. And out of those suicidal folks, most would take the easy way out (like throwing themselves off a cliff) instead of being subject to the wizard's torture before dying.

I doubt more than a billion would be alive after two months.
Yes, without any Math knowledge it is impossible to solve the following modified puzzle:

1. you can guess only Mersenne numbers
2. the wizard's task to check the primality of the submitted numbers
3. you can agree on any strategy, but after that (on the 1st day and later) no coordination is allowed
4. everybody is enough intelligent, so they can observe when the man-made objects are reappearing, so they can notice when somebody submitted a Mersenne prime

ps. the goal is to minimize the number of deaths.

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