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Originally Posted by axn View Post
Option 3) A few (million) people decides to take one for the team and systematically guess the next mersenne exponent. [There are about 7 million exponents between 74e6 and 200e6, which can be cut to about half thru very basic TF].
This is the best course of action, the problem is being able to coordinate the effort without communication technology. Establishing adequate comms cannot be done immediately, so everyone is forced to focus on their immediate concerns, primarily food, water, shelter. As a result, the global population falls to 2 billion or less very quickly, maybe much less. Assuming everyone on the way out fails to luck out with their uncoordinated dying guess, it will take years at least to set up a partial global network with everyone communicating to their nearest neighbouring communities, longer depending on how thorough societal breakdown has become.

Regardless of whether it's been years or decades from the day of the wizard, eventually society is rebuilt. There are minor wars between neighbours for resources, but on the whole everyone is united against the wizard. We're now in a position where we can systematically guess our way back into getting modern day tech back. At which point population levels would be at a much more sustainable level, and society would have changed to not be as heavily reliant on tech. Society would self regulate to ensure population levels remain manageable with minimal tech requirements, and that tech is used as a tool not a way of life. After a few hundred years some people would even thank the wizard. After a few thousand years we are well into exploring the galaxy. Some people happen upon a senile old man in a rough shack on some backwater moon, babbling about how long it took to hand-write all those notes.
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