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If you want to read more about American history you have no further to look than Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States 1492 - Present (published in 1980)." Granted, he was an American historian and not British; however, you will find his material unlike anything in an American history textbook. He presents a far less appealing/patriotic history than do the textbooks. Some of his other works would likely provide you with material on the counterculture movements in American during the 50s-70s especially as he was not only an acclaimed historian but also a noted social and civil activist. His writings on the anti-war movements and the pro-labor movements are also quite good. In fact, the above book was banned from use in many schools in the US because some felt it presented an "nonfactual and anti-American viewpoints" and that it contained significant "propaganda and encouraged disrespect for authority."

A People's History can be used as a textbook but it really doesn't read as one (at least in all places).

If you require a true British historian, then I am sorry to have wasted your time. If, however, you just require a different perspective on American history then it would be worth your time to read some of Zinn's work.



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