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There, in a nutshell, lies the usual problem with davar55's constructions.

David's Rule #1: Never mind existing definitions.
David's Rule #2: Make up your own definitions (be that "Leyland-beta primes" or "Capitalism" or "Cosmology"). Never mind that they come out poorly thought out (and hence self-contradictory), and in the end define an empty set (or everything).
David's Rule #3: Start making up theories. Never look back at definitions or attempt to fix them and start over (even if getting into a dead-end).
David's Rule #4: When others stop reading at the level of shoddy definitions, argue that they are too lazy to "read the whole thing".
I.e. in this case, an endless supply of troll food. Our best guess is that getting that food is the point of the exercise.

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