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Originally Posted by nuggetprime View Post
Reserving 50000-50010 G for the start. Yes,I know that's tiny,but I just have a GT 240 to help out and it's not one of the fastest GPUs out there
I hope it's OK that I reserve such a small range!
Oh...I probably should have posted something to this effect earlier, but 50000G-50010G is NOT the next available range. That would have been done a while back in the PST forum. What I would need to do is reserve another large block over there and list it as available here, and then you could take a range from that.

I hadn't bothered to keep an active reservation for this thread since there was very little activity here; for Gary's GPU that we managed to get online a couple weeks ago, I've been feeding it with work reserved directly in the PST forum.

If you'd like me to grab another block for this thread, I can do that--just let me know. Alternatively, you can reserve a range directly in the PST forum at

Sorry for the confusion.

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