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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
Then in the 1xM range I will probably end with 17.0.

Now I am secretly hoping (don't tell anyone) that someone takes it as a challenge to prove us all wrong and ambitiously take on all these hardest ranges.

My poster child is masser who took on 14.0 a few years ago when it was by far the worse with 297 factors remaining. He's getting close!!!
It's been great fun! (I started when the range was at 2242 in late March 2020; a nice pandemic distraction)

My hunch is that 17.0 is the most difficult of the remaining dense ranges. The project certainly has the firepower to finish off this task: push the TF bit level to an extreme (like 74,75 bits) then P-1 with B1 = 10M ought to do it.
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