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Smile Weights of certain bases.

Today I took a look at the number of candidates remaining after running axn1's sieve to 10^10. I ran the sieve over n=50 to n=150.

I will call the "weight" of a base n, to be the number of candidates remaining after running the sieve through 10^10.

The number of candidates remaining:
Average weight = 18.15
Minimum weight = 3 (n=68) the lightest.
Maximum weight = 54 (n=112) the heaviest.

8299358445 50
3920165865 54
7130617935 62
925905105 64
3539387145 65
were the only prime-octoproths found.

I've attached an excel spreadsheet with the details, and 101 text files with the output from the sieve for n=50 to 100.
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