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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
Being 25% of the Geckos, I say you can play your move
Oh? Which move? Are you suggesting that we split this game into two separate games, diverging at move 34? Why have a team then?

Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
I can't see the other 75% being upset by this.
Oh? You can't imagine that another team member besides me would be upset? Furthermore, the 75% vs 25% is false because we've never yet taken a vote on this move, so you can't possibly contend that "75%" or any other percentage do or do not agree!!
Originally Posted by Brian-E View Post
As another 25% I agree with Paul.
... on what? That we split the game in two? That we split the team in two?

I wouldn't want this game to be spoilt by some misunderstanding in the Pirates team.
Too late for avoiding that, now.

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