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I was nitpicking at, and I found a couple of minor things:
  1. The lead isn't really a sentence, but rather a description in the form of a phrase. I wonder how often that recurs across the Wiki.
  2. "There are 338 sequences in this Wiki:" (as of this writing) - First of all, this can be a lot more descriptive, maybe something like "There are 338 Riesel k's with missing ranges on this Wiki:"? And note the difference between "in" and "on". I don't know if German has separate words for those (I know Spanish uses the same word, "en", for both). I thought of the Wiki in two ways, as being a website and a database. Something being on a website or a database made sense to me, as did something being in a database, but something being in a website sounded awkward to me, so "on" makes more sense here to me. A template might make sense for these headers.
  3. The k cells in the table should use ! scope="row" | instead of simple bolding, so that they serve as HTML row headers. You can handle the change in styling using MediaWiki:Common.css if you don't like the new rendering, but the semantics are important.
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