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Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
Two late night performance thoughts.
1. You might get 10% more throughput by toggling VERIFY_NORMALIZED to 0 on line 55
It's a nice debug check while this is still in development but it has never tripped so it's overly cautious especially if it costs 10% performance.
2. Would you mind sharing what card you have and the full output from -v output (especially the lines that start with "GPU: ")
Hmm, when running on 2^997-1 I'm getting *better* throughput with VERIFY_NORMALIZED 1, 53.5 curves/sec with it defined to 1 vs. 45.6 curves/sec with it defined to 0, both running -gpucurves 2560. If I set gpucurves 5120 then the no_verify version is 15% faster, but still slower than -gpucurves 2560.

It is a Tesla V100-SXM2-32GB (compute capability 7.0, 80 MPs, maxSharedPerBlock = 49152 maxThreadsPerBlock = 1024 maxRegsPerBlock = 65536)
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