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Default A potential cause of Windows low-memory messages

Proliferation of Temp and WINDOWS\Temp files

A couple of weeks ago I started getting messages about low memory. When i rebooted to my secondary, there were no such messages. Then I looked at the free space on disks. The system disk (partition) for my primary had only about 10 MB available out of 26 GB.

I found that both the Temp and WINDOWS\Temp directory had _many_ files, totaling more than 12 GB. Evidently some warez don't clean up after themselves.

I deleted all of those, and have gotten no more low memory messages.

I would have thought that Windows would have some function or popup offering to delete temp files, but I guess there's nothing that takes responsibility for that in general. (Outlook periodically suggests cleaning out its unneeded files, even though I never use Outlook!)

Can anyone recommend a utility that will look at the Temp and WINDOWS\Temp directories to suggest cleanout?

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