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Originally Posted by nuggetprime View Post
Just courious,what PSUs is Gary using on his machines?
Low-quality power supplies can both go bad fairly soon and damage or reduce lifespan of your mobo/graphics card due to voltage spikes and stuff.
I would recommend to take a model from Corsair,Seasonic or OCZ. They are all excellent.
I'm not sure what PSU he's using but he usually just gets cases from his local computer store and uses the PSUs in them. He has had a few blown power supplies in the past, but in each case he's observed blackening around the spot where the PSU's cable connects to the motherboard. (Amazingly, both the motherboard and CPU survived in all such cases. ) This time, however, there was no visible blackening, which is why we're thinking the mobo is bad. (In the past whenever he's had a bad mobo, there's been visual evidence about 50% of the time.)

Good point, though, about the cheap power supplies reducing the life of the other components...that may have been a contributing factor in this case. Regardless of whether the PSU or mobo turned out to be the problem in this case, I should look into higher-grade server power supplies for jeepford--that way it will have better protection going forward.
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