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Originally Posted by cheesehead View Post
George, the study didn't say...
Cheese, when I quote someone my reply can mean many things. Often it means "what a load of crap, here's an opposite opinion", but it can also mean "here's some additional thoughts on the topic". Though you seem to have taken it as the former meaning, in this particular case it was more "How ironic, cheesehead announces the good news that the Democrat's victory may be good for the stock market, and the market immediately gives Obama a clear vote of "no confidence" in turning things around anytime soon.

Your study is rather well known. However, it is not a basis for an investment strategy. As I'm sure you are aware, one must compare all asset classes during the time periods to decide which mix gives you the best risk-adjusted returns. Then you need to factor in the significant tax consequences of a strategy that suggests significant changes in asset allocation every 4 or 8 years.
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