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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Yeah, it probably needs to be something besides team drive 1.

The mini-drive designation applies to only the base itself and would be appropriate if we were doing only a portion of the k's with this drive like we did for base 3. But since we're doing all of them, then this wouldn't be considered a mini-drive.

Once complete to n=10K, then this drive could be simply extended to n=15K or 25K like we've done for base 16. Otherwise if we made it another team drive for n>10K, we'd have to have another thread and would ultimately innundate ourselves with threads and drives. We've kind of done that already, especially for base 3, which is why I unstickied all of those long ago. :-)

Therefore I think team drive #4 is the way to go.

Thoughts from anyone else on it?
Gary, since you have admin access, feel free to change the name of the thread to the consensus.
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