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Originally posted by Xyzzy
I can run those P-1s if someone tells me what the worktodo.ini line should be...

(I can't use Pfactor because I don't know what bit depth they were trial factored to, and I can't use Pminus1 because I don't know what bounds were used!)
Actually, I already started those P-1s on my machine.
No factor for the first one, second one will complete soon.

You can find out the depth that an exponent has been trial-factored to by doing:

Download the DECOMP.EXE program from
Download the latest version of
unzip # creates the file NOFACTOR.CMP

# Output lines of the form exponent,depth
# for all exponents between exponent1 and exponent2
# Output goes into a file called "nofactor"

decomp -n exponent1 exponent2

For those two exponents, they were both trial-factored to 65 bits.

But as I said, I already started the P-1 for those 2 exponents.

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