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Default Power consumption and overclocking

I experimented with the Celeron D 320 system (designed for 2.4GHz)
I usually run it at 2.7GHz (overclocked moderately but it can also be overclocked to 3GHz or more.

For info, System C(CeleronD) runs with cpu temp around 34 degrees C.
System D(Northwood P4) runs with cpu temp around 44 degrees C.
Both are using Intel's air cooling.

In the test above it is recorded:
idle: 0.61A 91W 148VA
running: 1.07A 155W 258VA

My next step was to remove some surplus hardware
Extra cooling fan (leaving the one on the cpu and case)
Four way fan controller
SATA to IDE adapter board

This dropped the power to:
idle: 0.59A 83W 136VA
running: 1.00A 147W 243VA

The above was at 2.7GHz.

I also tried the unclocked 2.4 speed:
idle: 0.56A 83W 136VA
running: 0.92A 138W 227VA

And overclock to 3GHz speed:
idle: 0.6A 87W 144VA
running: 1.07A 158W 261VA

So, as you overclock the system it uses more power.
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