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Originally Posted by Mystwalker
I can really recommend WinEdt for LaTeX when using Windows. I've heard that TeXnicCenter is good as well...
I use TexAid (free download). It's an upgraded version of the Equation Editor in Word, and allows you to pick symbols from a pallette to create your expressions. Then you just paste that into your LaTex document and it formats it all for you. Very useful, but obviously not an aid to learning LaTex.

ewmayer's point about the manual is good. With the free download I got a user's guide that seems to have just five answers. So it doesn't matter what question you ask you always get one of these five answers!

And when you use the programme (LaTex), if you make a mistake you get these really friendly error messages that say things like, "Why don't you try reading the manual?"

What manual, I ask.
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