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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
But for my summary-pages (made by hand so far) I also had to download every *.ELF and look at the last index (and perhaps determine the smaller primes and C-part if they not in there). That's too much manually work to handle.

Marking broken seqs. from the Database (like I did for some -> red) is also too much work:
mark them broken and when ok, edit the same seq-summary again! Double work!
I am trying to see if I can compile an up to date set of elf files. As you said, with the db broken it is more work - I have to find each broken one and then fix it by jumping over the broken part. I was waiting for the db fixes, but it has been long enough I am going to try it. I have already been getting the elf sequences.

Finding the broken ones isn't trivial. One method would be to create a version of aliqueit that does the initial test, but doesn't try to extend the sequence. It should then warn me if anything isn't prime which is one thing my current test program doesn't do. Even once I find them, there is the matter of searching the db for further parts of the sequence by by-passing the broken bit.

Assuming I manage to succeed, I will post the sequences in elf or alq format, so they are down-loadable. This would enable you to do an update.

Note that I also figure out stats like the last index, number of digits, etc. I can also create a csv file or something that might be even easier for you to use.

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