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I would suspect that this is just the usual "summer blahs" that most distributed computing projects go through. During the Northern Hemisphere summer, the higher temperatures induce a number of people to turn some or all of their "nonessential" machines offline--decreasing their crunching ability, or in the case of this project, sometimes even eliminating it entirely (as a lot of people run this project on older machines that are more likely to be turned off in the summer).

In cases like Karsten's, he's moved primarily back to his home project, NPLB, since they too have been hit by the "summer blahs" and they can't spare him so much. But as he also said, the FactorDB errors may also be a cause of declining interest--I suspect some people just got too frustrated with them.

Quite frankly, if someone here has the time and resources, they might want to consider setting up their own factor database. It wouldn't have to be too fancy--just a central repository for factorizations and Aliquot sequences, with a minimal worker setup to verify the primality of submissions and do minimal TF (or alternatively, something akin to "Quick ECM"). The less "extras" there are, the less that can go wrong.
I have switched all my ressouces to a Cunningham factorization (c153), so I temporarely paused my activities for aliquot sequences. I have now switched one box back to ECM on alq4788 cofactors.

I too got a bit frustrated about the FactorDB errors. (and Syd is away since more than one month and has not responded to an email - I'm a bit worried.). Unfortunately I have neiter time nor the ressources to set up an own DB.

BTW: I too will pause most of my computing activies as soon as my cunningham factorization will have finished (due to summer heat).
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