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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Hi all,

G7465 has now been upgraded to version 3.1.5, and I've loaded it with the rest of the originally-planned range (k=2050-2200). Feel free to give it a try, at your own risk of course.

Gary, now that I've got the latest Linux binaries in the main PRPnet thread, you can go ahead and download those to all your quads. As I mentioned before, you can just keep your existing 3.1.4 client setups intact and swap out the prpclient file, then replicate that as needed.

I'm assuming you've probably already left on your trip, but you should be able to access your various machines via VNC. Feel free to dogpile when ready.

Not gonna be easy for me at this point unfortunately. That's why I was hoping it would be done about 12 hours earlier.

You have a PM. I was hoping that just you and I would test this first but that's not working out now, due to the timing of things and that it's now been opened up to everyone via your last post.

Everyone, feel free to download 3.1.5 and stress test the heck out of it. We'll keep our fingers crossed. :-)

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