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Hi all,

Phil (aka Bok, the Free-DC forum guy who helped set up the forum) has sent me the forum's database and files, which I've saved off in case they're ever needed again. I've also moved the k=300-400 sieve from there to a new thread here; it's the only public thread of much substance there that wasn't essentially duplicated here.

Now all that's left before we can shut it down is the matter of the "Issues" and "CLOSED issues" forums under "Project Administration" at the forum. The admins have used those to keep track of bugs and issues with the stats DB and website, and there's a bunch of valuable discussion in there about various improvements to the DB which we're planning (manual stats import, doublecheck stats, etc.) We'll need to set those up as subforums under a "Project Administration" subforum here at mersenneforum. I've asked Phil to write up instructions for Xyzzy on how to import the data from those into the new subforums when we get them.

Once that's all done, we can go ahead and take the forum offline.
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