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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post

This is no big deal. Yes, show it as found by Mike as you have done. For the n=60K-65K range, I will just show it as (plus 1 other) like I've done with the Riesel and Sierp base 16 drives where primes are found by other efforts such as when a prime was found for Riesel base-2 odd-n that converted to a Riesel base 16 prime.
Oh, duh--I had forgotten at the time about how we have already been using the "plus x other" notation for primes found in an individual-k reservation on team-drive bases. Thanks for reminding me.

One other question, though: When I marked it down I counted it in the "this drive started with x k's, has found x k's with primes, and has x k's remaining" section. Is this correct? Or do we not count it there for non-drive k's?
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