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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Okay, then, in that case I'll mark it down as found by you but with a special side note indicating that this was found independently of the 64K-65K range in this drive.

Thanks for letting us know about your prime!

Gary, should we mark this down as found in the 64K-65K range on the reservations table when we get to that point?


That was a most astute observation from an old effort! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Do you have any others that we have remaining?


This is no big deal. Yes, show it as found by Mike as you have done. For the n=60K-65K range, I will just show it as (plus 1 other) like I've done with the Riesel and Sierp base 16 drives where primes are found by other efforts such as when a prime was found for Riesel base-2 odd-n that converted to a Riesel base 16 prime.


Please go ahead and include the k in your searching of the n=60K-65K range to see if we find a smaller prime for it. I like to find the smallest prime for each k. Otherwise, we could just search for huge primes n>200K and list those to make us look good. That would be "cheating". lol

This is bound to happen from time to time. I found a Riesel base 256 prime for k=1478 here that NPLB confirmed for k=739 base 2 two weeks later.

For the very high Riesel base 16 prime for k=13854 shown in the 1st post of that drive, I was doing a search for the Riesel base 2 odd-n conjecture for k=6927. It just so happens that the effort overlapped with bases 4 and 16.

The nature of this effort will overlap a few different other efforts at times, although we attempt to minimize it as much as possible. In other words, if I know someone else is searching something that will encompass all of an effort that we have here, I will show it as reserved by them and not hand it out in the drives. An example is k=443 that Curtis at RPS is working on for base 2 but that overlaps our Riesel base 16. I show it as reserved by him on base 16 so that we don't include it in our drives. Since it's so low weight, he is well past where our drives are at so it's not an issue.

In the case of a fixed-n search like this, there's no way that it can encompass an entire k on any base that we have so there's no way to show it reserved by anyone.

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