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Originally Posted by ewmayer
If he's trying to get your blood pressure up by way of discussion of his latest vague, dubious claim, he seems to be succeeding.

James (a.k.a. bearnol), if you can't formally justify your asymptotic-complecity claims in a way most reasonable folks can understand, then please be so kind as to at least provide some nontrivial example factorizations, their runtimes, and basic notes about your implementation. I don't want to hear any guff along the lines of "well, I haven't actually *coded* it yet..." or "My implementation uses off-the-shelf-package X, which is, like, totally suboptimal and disguises the true breakthrough speed of the algorithm" - those are the kinds of dodges used by cranks, rogues and scoundrels, i.e. the kinds of people I'm sure you wouldn't want to be seen as keeping company with.
A judge would simply dismiss the case for "failure to state a claim"

I am *trying* to be helpful. But the o.p. fails to answer direct questions!
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