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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
That fails:
And 'git pull' does nothing:
chris@4core:~/CGBN> git pull
Already up to date.
Unless I'm not using it correctly.

Ignore this, but for completion sake you can probably clone my copy of CGBN with `git clone -b cgbn_swap`

The top entry from `git log` should be

commit 1595e543801bcbffd2c36cbf978baff843c09876 (HEAD -> gpu_integration, origin/gpu_integration)
Author: Seth Troisi <>
Date:   Sat Sep 4 20:26:30 2021 -0700

    reverted the cgbn_swap change till that is accepted
If so you should be able to build. If it's not try `git fetch` then `git pull origin gpu_integration`
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