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So you don't have a file c212_snfs215.dup1.filelist.1? That's odd, it obviously existed when the command ran originally, and it doesn't usually get deleted during the run.

If you definitely have lost the filelist and need to recreate it, use something like
grep -o "in .*gz" c212_snfs215.log | cut -c 5- >> c212_snfs215.dup1.filelist
and then cut it into chunks: everything up to the first appearance of "Reached target of xxxxxxxx relations" in the logfile is filelist.1, everything from there to the next "Reached target" (NOT including the contents of filelist.1!) is filelist.2, and so on.

The -nrels flag in the dup2 command line refers to the number of relations in one slice, i.e. roughly half the number of relations you had at the time the command was run.
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