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Typical... I need to reboot once more. Sorry folks... another 5 minutes and then we're back in action.
It's back up. And while I'm at it, I'm just throwing this pearl of wisdom out there... I can't emphasize enough the importance of having a lot of RAM for this SQL server. I'm watching it right now and none of the various tables are cached in RAM by SQL yet and it makes a HUGE difference in how well some of my more complicated queries perform.

Just trawling through and looking for exponents with mismatched double-checks takes 10 times longer than when the RAM cache is primed, and I can see the graph of disk activity spiking since it has to read all of that in. The types of queries I've been doing would have taken ages on the old hardware.

Anyway, I wanted to point that out since one of the pain points on the old server was the low amount of RAM, and how awesome it is now when it can fit nearly the entire data set in memory (including the indices).
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