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Default Compiling doesn't need the runtime

Originally Posted by dsouza123
The countdown program compiles and runs using QB 4.5.
The compiled code is a DOS based exe file
that needs the BRUN45.EXE in the same directory.
Firstly, there is a checkbox in the Quickbasic make exe which makes the runtime library optional (ie it can compile everything into a single exe).

Secondly, don't be too quick to abandon quickbasic.

If you want the impact TTF why not do these big numbers (0-9) in windows and screencapture the bitmaps in a simple format (maybe BMP, TIFF or anything else you can find docs on, preferrably uncompressed).

What you then need is to use one of the graphics modes in QB.
You can implement a (slow is ok) simple routine to read the pixels from the bitmap onto screen.

Then use GET and PUT functions to grab the screen areas into array memory storage.
These can be blasted back to screen VERY quickly (fast enough for sprite based games so would be ok for your counter).

Use of these functions is well documented in the Quickbasic 4.5 help system.

The only downside I can see is that less colours are available in the hi-res graphics modes. Don't forget abilities to do a little palette changing.
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