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The countdown program compiles and runs using QB 4.5.
The compiled code is a DOS based exe file
that needs the BRUN45.EXE in the same directory.

The current way of printing, using block character digits and color changes
can be done with most languages that have DOS compilers.
Reading the keys shouldn't be hard.
The tricky part is the timer code, QBasic's timer is a very usefull feature.

To use ttf fonts requires a Windows 16-bit compiler or interpreter.
The trick is getting one.
Either an early VB ( 3 or 4 ?) or PowerBasic that creates 16-bit Windows executables.
Alternatives are the 16-bit Delphi or C compilers from Borland and Microsoft.
The program will have to be completely rewritten for most of the choices, PowerBasic would be the closest to the basic code in your program.

What extra features do you have in mind ?

Anyone else have ideas about applicable/available compilers ?
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