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Originally Posted by crash893
does anyone know a way were prime will back up its progress every so often to a diffrent drive than it lives?
I run mprime on Linux machines with work dir in a subdirectory under /tmp, and a cron job which back up the files to a NFS share every two hours. Works quite efficiently, since mprime writes to local disc and backup is run while mprime is working.

I had a method for Windows 95 too back in '97, involving a Samba share on a Linux machine, and a couple of registry entries to run a batch file which backed up to that share on startup and at user login. But that would require Administrator access with modern Windows, I think. And with modern Windows you probably have a cron equivalent which can schedule the job at specific times. I don't know if regular users can set up cron jobs on Windows.

The Samba share had the same name everywhere, but by Samba magic that share would be a separate directory for each machine mounting it. The machine local batch file just called another batch file, backup.bat, on the server. This way I could improve backup.bat without reinstalling it on a lot of computers. First backup.bat checked if Prime95 was installed. If it was, it would back up the directory with the save files. If not it would reinstall Prime95 with the save files on the server, and set up to run the batch file at startup and login in case that information was lost too. When a machine was reinstalled, I just had to run the backup script from the Samba server to get it back up and running Prime95 with the old save files. I could run the same script on new machines to install Prime95 for the first time.

In fact I think backup.bat was generated on demand by the Samba server. It generated a local.ini with the netBIOS name of the Windows machine as ComputerID. It must have got that from Samba (I think more modern Windows' have this in an envirorment variable. %COMPUTERNAME% or something.)

Unfortunately the server was retired in '99, and the batch files have gone to heaven.

Disclaimer: I am not a Windows user. Last time I did anyting useful on a Windows machine, except running Putty or setting up prime95, was in '98. There are probably far smarter ways to do all this on Windows in 2004, and I don't even know if my old way would work anymore.
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