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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
I'm just testing the waters here. I thought of doing k=3991, 3993, 3995, 3997 and 3999 from n=10K to n=1MM. You know me, I start at the backend and work forward. If you want to discuss this, PM or email me.

And I suppose you'll want to search them backwards from n=1M to n=10K too. lol

Go right ahead if you want. One thing to keep in mind: Higher k's take longer to test. You'll have less testing time at the same depth doing more k's in the k=300-400 range.

I wouldn't be too interested in helping with k's so far 'out of the way' like that but could be talked into it. :-) Regardless, if you decide to reserve them, go ahead and post your intention here and I'll create a separate thread for all reservations or work k>2000.

Technically if an individual sieves their own work, they can report it however they like; no project or Primesearch (or RPS?). Many people run their own k's at RPS with no team intervention and report them as RPS. Of course you know what we'd prefer but it's still your choice.

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