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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
I have a question not related to the above. Where would I reserve some work to do say in the 2000 < k < 4000 range? I see a lot of k's in that range (in Karsten's pages) not reserved by anyone at the moment.
I must say that this is definitely like minds thinking alike. Several days ago after looking at the top-5000 site at how many primes there are already for k=1000-2000, I checked k=2000-4000 and there are very few. That gave me a grand and glorious idea: Start sieving k=2000-4000 for n=10K-600K! n<10K is already done.

Anyway, to answer your question, you could reserve them here or at Riesel Prime Search (RPS). Preferably here. :-) Just post that you're going to reserve a k or range of k's. Karsten picks up reservations from both projects. RPS would have as much sieving done in that range as we would; that is little to none. If you post a reservation for that area here, I'll create a new thread for work done or reservations k>2000 and move your post there.

Would you like to run some individual k's or a range of k's in that area? If so, let me know and we'll team up on some sieving.

So...what does everyone think of my grand idea? That's an area where well over 90% would be new primes!


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