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Default SR5 PRPnet 2.4.7 Servers - Shutting Down

You must use PRP client 2.4.7 (or an older PRP client if it works) available here.
Please do not use another more recent client, as it will probably hang. We will sympathize with you, but you have been warned.

Speaking of warnings, use only machines you own, or have written permision to use. We will not be responsible if you get into trouble. This is always true, but needs to be emphasized now and again. We will not sympathize with you if you break this rule. You must act responsibly.

The primality program LLR is CPU intensive as is PFGW. You may force PRP to use either one, by removing or renaming the other. The newest LLR is available here (use cLLR for Windows). The newest PFGW is available here.
These programs will make your machine run hot.
You should probably use a program to monitor temperatures and shut down if your machine gets too hot. You probably should not use a laptop or all-in-one machine. Please feel free to post any other warnings that I have forgotten.

The Sierpinski server is

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